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La Frianderie is a family business run by Tasos Kakouris and his two sons, Nikos (expert barista) and Yiannis (chef trained at Cordon Bleu in Paris). We are located on the coastal road of Galatas in Trizinia, right next to the sea and with beautiful view on the picturesque town of Poros Island.

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Our coffee selection

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Coffee Selection

The journey of discovery is a process we enjoy as much as the final product that we bring to you. We spent years perfecting our bean selection, their individualised roasting and the profile we want our coffee to express.

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How many times have you been blown away by simple natural flavours? Nature often knows better than elaborate human attempts for ‘perfection’.

This is why we use only the best quality raw materials, freshly sourced from expert producers in Greece and Italy. Try our select cold meats, authentic Prosciutto di Parma, fresh mozzarella di bufala, smoked salmon and other exquisite flavours.

Don’t forget to try our prime burgers, prepared exclusively with Angus meat, and our freshly prepared salads.

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Tea Collection


Tea Collection

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Tea Collection

How about enjoying freshly brewed tea for a change?

We offer a carefully selected variety of whole, unprocessed tea leaves. You can choose green tea for revitalisation, black tea for mental sharpness, rooibos for detox, or from a wide variety of traditional Greek herbs (energy, cold and flu, relaxation, fitness, herbs from Olympos.)

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